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About us

I arrived in England with a big dream and a desire to share my Indian history, culture, and food in 2002. I am a chef who learned Indian cuisine in Delhi. My dream has been to own my own restaurant. Now it has come true. Small and personal, my restaurant cares about the quality of food we produce & serve. My mantra is simple – “A good chef always ensures the food he has made is served hot and delicious to his customers.”
Knowing our cuisine in depth and seeing the demand for quality Indian curries, I realised that UK customers were looking for authentic Indian food – I could offer this.

“I always keep my recipes simple and tasty. Guests at my home had always asked, ‘Why don’t you open a
restaurant – share this expertise?” So I opened Delhi Junction in Maidenhead, a vibrant place with cosmopolitan tastes. I serve good street food with flavour. I use Purani Delhi (otherwise known as old Delhi) as my inspiration; it is a place where quality authentic traditional Indian food can be found.

And now you can come and try out India’s favourites in Berkshire ! We use key ingredients in all our dishes to keep the taste as authentic as we can. Food can only be tasty when a chef feels pleasure in cooking it. We cook with love and we feed with pride. All our dishes are made out of authentic Indian ingredients. Our chefs are
masters of their trade and work with recipes that they have learned from their masters.

Our recipes are hand-picked specials from all over India, but the capital, Delhi is a particular source of inspiration which is why we named the venue, Delhi Junction. Join us and you can enjoy a real Asian culinary delight.

We serve traditional & contemporary Indian cuisine from North & South India; we offer curries to Tandoori clay oven baked delights as well as lentil fried pancakes and doughnuts from the south . We also have a delicious variety of seafood dishes on the menu.

Vegetarianism is increasingly in vogue and because we are creating dishes from the Indian subcontinent which has a rich history of vegetarianism – we can offer stunning plant based dishes – from the favourite South Indian Masala Dosa to rich delicious creamy dahl
makhani. Come along and indulge – we can cater for all tastes!