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Our Chef Patron

I am Chef Rahul and I have spent 20 good years working in food. I have cooked for top hotels, restaurants and even worked with superstores on their preprepared dishes . I have always been passionate about good simple food and I would say simple food means what we love to eat every day. Home cooked dishes bring comfort and sustenance.
I am passionate about food and enjoy nothing better than to cook for visiting family and friends. I love to make food from recipes that are perfected by master chefs.

I was born in Moradabad, a small town in Uttar Pradesh, known the world over for its brass work. I completed my studies and worked as a hotel management trainee where I learned the trade. I came to UK in 2002 after being sent by my company to open an Indian restaurant project. My experience includes hotels, restaurants and food manufacturing, as well as helping open a sweet manufacturing site for Indian savoury and snacks giant Haldirams.

We all know the curry is the preferred dish of the British! Indian dishes are wholesome which means they are tasty, nutritious and flavourful. they have a balance of organoleptic properties-taste, sight(visuals), smell(aroma) and texture. For my increasingly well -travelled and sophisticated consumers, I always endeavour to provide dishes that they have tasted originally in India. Flavour, texture and taste vary with the seasonal availability of ingredients, but we always source the best raw material available And I am always on hand to help select a perfect dish to your tastes and the season! I hope you enjoy the Delhi Junction‘s food and give us an opportunity to serve you.